Iran Yaskawa

Iran Yaskawa is an Engineering company located in Tehran which was founded to supply engineering products and services based on more than a decade of experience in the field of industrial automation.

This group’s mission is to provide the best offers and solutions to industrial companies and employers in various industries; in addition, this company sells Yaskawa industrial automation products, performs industrial automation and monitoring projects, holds training courses, and provides specialized maintenance of related equipment.

Yaskawa provides a wide array of market-leading products that are customized to satisfy the needs of different industries. We offer precise motion controllers,  variable frequency drives, industrial robots, and high-performance servo systems. Our solutions are used in almost every industry, from energy and healthcare to manufacturing and automotive, helping companies to improve quality, maximize efficiency, and achieve long-term success.

Service provider units in Iran Yaskawa are as follows:

– Commercial and Sales Department

This unit provides special consulting in product selection, as well as imports and distributes industrial automation equipment.

– Projects Department

This unit has begun operating to localize industrial automation technologies in the nation.

This unit’s aim includes facilitating and smartening manufacturing processes, as well as boosting the quality and quantity of goods produced by employer firms.

The following are some of the capabilities of this Department:

Consultation; analysis of production processes in various sectors and provision of full automation solutions based on the client’s demands

Industrial automation and monitoring project design and implementation

Technical consultation and project implementation for machine manufacturing enterprises to improve the quality and speed of industrial machinery

Sampling and recording data (statistics) in factory and laboratory production lines

After the project is completed, the employer will provide technical assistance (after-sales service)

– Training Department

Iran Yaskawa group’s training section organizes industrial automation training courses.

Engineers in factories and industrial companies, university professors, and students who are teaching and studying in fields related to electricity,can get acquainted with the latest topics in industrial automation by participating in these courses.

Some of the training courses are as follows:

1- Vipa brand and Omron Japan PLC and HMI training course

2- Yaskawa company’s specialized course for Ac Drives

3- Training Course for Yaskawa Japan Servo Systems

– Specialized maintenance Department:

Because all engineering and industrial groups require customer assistance, this company’s specialist maintenance unit began to repair, service, and maintain industrial automation systems.

This unit is ready to provide services in the following cases:

PLC repairs are specialized

HMI-type maintenance that is specialized

AC Drive, servo system, and soft starter specialized maintenance

Power switching and other industrial automation equipment

 As we look to the future, Iran Yaskawa’s vision is clear – continuing industrial automation advancements and shaping a better tomorrow for industrial automation. We are here to be the catalyst for transformative change, enabling industries around the world to embrace industrial automation, emprove efficiency, and open up opportunities. With unwavering dedication, innovation, and customer-centricity, we are committed to be at the forefront of industrial automation, leading industrial businesses towards a prosperous future.

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